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We use ERP in providing bookkeeping services to all our clients, regardless of the size of this client.
By doing so, we ensure that all the historical accounting data of our clients are well secured and easily retrievable if needed in the future.


We provide payroll services to our clients based on our knowledge in social insurance calculation as well as income tax calculation.

Social Insurance

We provide social insurance services to our clients from establishing social insurance files at the startup phase, to enrolling employees in the social insurance program and maintaining employees files and remitting the contributions of both employer and employees to the social insurance department on a monthly basis.

CFO Services

We offer our clients in addition to typical routine bookkeeping and basic monthly financial reporting, other financial services package called “CFO Services”.

Financial Consultancy & Business Development

We offer our clients a diversity of Financial Consultancy and Business Development services These services include:
– Business Plans assistance
– Feasibility studies
– Business valuation
– Corporate planning and structuring
– Due Diligence
– Exit Strategies
– Investors and financiers negotiations and fundraising

Corporate Legal Services

We are providing full support to our business partners, and albeit we are focusing on startups, since they are the emerging businesses in Egypt and they represent the future of the economy, we are also providing more complex services in the field of CFO services, business development and consultancy, corporate legal services, and taxation advisory through our affiliate SFAI Network in Egypt and outside Egypt.

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